Operationalising your Strategy

Now that you know what you want to do, let's get it done! 

Operationalising your Strategy is an interactive workshop, composed of seminar and activity segments, that aligns the day-to-day efforts (or the mission) of an organisation and its people with its overall strategy to achieve its vision, while providing the means to evaluate its overall performance at doing so. 

Achieve Perfect Organisational Alignment

Our structured approach to OKR implementation delivers a robust framework that links organisation, team, and personal objectives in a hierarchical manner to the desired outcomes, while providing the tools to formulate, communicate and monitor the success ad progress of strategic objectives.


Ensure that everyone knows how they contribute to their team’s and company’s objectives.


Create an organisation-wide overview of all objectives, activities and success metrics.


Empower individuals to own their responsibilities, their work and their targets.

Ideal for Early Stages

Operationalising your Strategy is particularly effective during the early stages of

A Framework to Delegate with Confidence

Our structured approach answers critical questions: "by who", "how" and "by how much" of a new undertaking. Through our Operationalising your Strategy workshop your yeam will develop the skills and knowledge to identify

Workshop practicalities