Organisational Solutions

Your Annual Strategy, Planned in a Month

Implementing an OKR system can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially for companies that are already stretched thin. Outsourcing OKR management to The OKR Center will provide you with the outside perspective and an objective view your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, helping you identify and overcome challenges, and provide unbiased recommendations for improvement.

Our Four Phase Approach to OKRs

The fundamental tenants of our Organisational Solutions revolve around four key pillar activities, that are tailored, adjusted and augmented, to meet the specific needs of individual organisations.

Strategic Planning

One-on-one sessions with organisational and business unit leadership to determine top level Objectives and Key Results (ORKs) and ensure alignment between individual business units as they roll up to the organisation's OKRs

Kickoff Workshop

A tailored interactive workshop to develop foundational OKR skills and knowledge across the organisation, and to communicate the organisation's and business unit's Objectives and Key Results from why individuals will derive theirs.

Individual Coaching

Personalised coaching with every team member to assist in the formulation of their individual Objectives and Key Results (ORKs).

Alignment Sessions

Team sessions to identify interdependencies and unaddressed gaps, as their individual Objectives and Key Results (ORKs) roll-up to their respective business unit's OKRs

Who is this For?

Our Organisational Solutions are particularly effective in organisations

All That's Left to Do is Work

Our objectives is to deliver a turn-key operational strategy to drive your organisation forward for the next 12 months, the specific outcomes will be a well defined strategy detailing

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